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Proper Glassware for Liquors, Cordials and Schnapps

Special liquors, cordials and schnapps have many beautiful choices glassware. Luckily, the glasses are often a matter of choice and style. Glasses used for liquors, cordials and schnapps are small, often stemmed glasses used for serving portions of your favorite liquors. These are typically a 2 ounce portion.  Shot glasses are also used to serve, but typically in a less formal atmosphere such as a bar.

Cordials and liquors are alcohols that are served after dinner and often with coffee. They will typically have a base spirit such as vodka or whiskey and then they will include a sugar, flavor, possibly herbs, fruit, spices, nuts or even coffee.

Schnapps in the United States is generally a very sweet after dinner drink, almost like liquor, in contrast to a German which is not sweet, but more the absolute essence of the fruit and will be served before or after dinner to aid digestion, cleanse the palette, or just to enjoy.

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