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Our Story

Dirndl KittyOver the past 10 years we have been importing clothing and other products from Germany and Europe. It has been quite interesting, doing business in another language, in a different culture.

Even though our heritage is German, as many Americans we were raised knowing we had German & Irish roots, but it didn’t go much past the stereotypical heritage celebration on St. Patrick’s Day, or learning a Christmas song in German.

Only when we became adults, and wanted to know more about where our ancestors laid their heads at night, our adventure began.

That adventure led us to importing and selling an amazing variety of things on the internet, things we love. While importing and visiting Germany, the most fascinating thing was the amount of glasses used at a meal.

This isn’t typical for Americans, most of us rinse our breakfast coffee cup out at noon and put a bit of cold water in it for lunch.  On one of our trips to Germany we were fortunate to visit some family owned bier stein manufacturers. The process was nothing short of amazing and gratifying to realize that not all of the items we use and love are  made from machines and faceless robots.

MyBeerStein.Com was born.   DSC00942

We hope you enjoy looking at the variety of items we offer, reading the articles and posts about what we find interesting in the world of glassware, stoneware, laws and regulations about the purity or volumes of alcohol in a glass.

Our motto for our glass and stein collection

Collect, Use, Enjoy!

and we hope you will adopt it too!

This addorable Dirndl Kitty Card was sent to me from a  friend, celebrating our German Import Business. This card is part of the Avanti Collection.
vanti Cards

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